5 Ways To Save Energy At School

A school, whether it’s primary school, polytechnic or a university, can use up a lot of energy during the day. From air conditioner to lighting in the building; a school that is running 8-10 hours a day can prove to be a huge consumer of energy and thus; a high overhead to maintain.

This post is specifically for those whom work for a school or university that can either make the decisions, or can recommend new ideas to those who do make these types of decisions. This post will show how to save energy for the schools and becoming more sustainable, also reducing ongoing costs.

So here are the 5 ways to save energy at school…

1. Replace inefficient lighting fixtures
In school facilities we most commonly find fluorescent tube lighting being used in the hallways, classrooms, and really anywhere with lower ceilings that are flat.

By switching from fluorescent to LED, you will be able to reduce the energy usage up to 80%. As you know that LED technology is by far the most efficient luminaire on the market today.

2. Installing sensors type LED
Some areas of your school may not be in use at all times where the lights would be on otherwise (such as hallways). By installing sensors type LED which turn on when there is movement, you will be able to have lights be on only when the area is needed.

3. Promote usage of natural light
A lot of classes happen during broad daylight and by opening blinds and let the natural light fill the room, you can reduce the amount of lights you need on by nearly half, depending on the day and time of year.

Students might not be aware about saving energy and the benefits. So it’s up to you to ensure you put things into place to make it easier for them to take part in energy saving.

4. Use solar panel and make energy
Solar panel is common nowadays and it’s a great way to reduce your energy consumption levels so much that you may even be able to generate power through solar panel.

The investment in solar technology can be pricey, but by doing it you will be a role model to the community by showcasing what conserving energy can do when use with solar energy technology. Let solar generate your building a positive ROI all while conversing the planets resources.

5. Make sure everyone aware about saving energy
When you have all of the technology in the world, but everyone doesn’t aware about saving energy, it will be a great waste of energy in your school. So make sure an email goes out to every staff member and students stating there is a new initiative in energy reduction on school. This will make a lot of people listen and be more aware to turn off the light next time when they leave a room.

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